Portable Health Gadgets

3 Portable Health Gadgets That Can Change Your Life

New Year is a great excuse to start a diet, do sports and move on to eating healthier. If you are less connected – we have found three portable health gadgets for you that will help you lead a slightly healthier lifestyle, without doing too much

3 Portable Health Gadgets:-

1. HAPIfork – eat better

Hapi Fork - Portable health Gadget

A spaghetti-spinning fork we already know, but what about a smart fork that will help you monitor and track your walking habits? The HAPIfork will serve as a kind of caring grandmother and will alert you with the help of an indicator light and vibrations when you eat too fast. Other functions of the fork are measuring how long it took you to finish the meal and how many bites you ate in a minute. You can then transfer the recorded data via USB or Bluetooth to your control center on the company’s website or to a dedicated app that will also offer you a training program to improve your eating habits.


2. CleanT – teeth whitening a little differently

CleanT - Portable Health Gadget

Whitening toothpastes and home whitening kits are well known and quite popular products on the market, but most of them do not really work. The CleanT is a home teeth-whitening system that ensures that you will notice the results after just one half hour of treatment. The kit includes a kind of plate that will take you straight back to the age of 14 and the white gel that must be injected into it. Once you put the braces in your mouth, press a button, turn on the LED lights that will illuminate your mouth and teeth, to fight coffee stains, wine, and carbonated beverages. While this is not an aesthetic play (and probably not comfortable either), but how do you say – the goal is supposed to sanctify the means?


3. H2O Pal – Water first

H2O Pal - Portable Health Gadget

One of the most important ingredients for a healthy body is water, but still many of us do not make sure to drink enough during the day, certainly on cool and rainy days. The H2O Pal is a smart water bottle that will monitor your water consumption and allow you to improve it if it is not sufficient, through a smartphone app. Your recommended daily intake will be determined based on the activity you do, the weather, your body weight and age – and the smart bottle will already know to find the exact dose for you. Of course, if you do not meet your goals – expect to receive notifications that will make you drink so that you do not become dehydrated.


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