CoolAir Review- Compact USB Powered AC In USA?

What is CoolAir?-(Coolair review)

Coolair Review: Do you also wonder how to deal with the sweltering heat mainly during the summer season? That too without affecting your pocket much? Then you are at the right place and we are having the solution to your problem as “CoolAir”. CoolAir is a portable and small air cooler that changes the temperature of your room just within 10 minutes. Furthermore, this cooler enthralls less electricity, and therefore it is very pocket-friendly.

As compared to different coolers available in the market, CoolAir will be proved much better and can be a competition for all of them efficiently. Be it its compactness or portable nature or less electricity ingestion or cooling, CoolAir is extraordinary in each and every aspect. To experience maximum cooling without affecting your pocket, opt for CoolAir. It is best for you and it is best amongst all the coolers bearing the huge cost.

CoolAir is meant to work through imbibing the scorching warm air in and substituting the hot air with the refresh and chilled air. Moreover, CoolAir also eliminates the unfriendly odor present inside the room and replenishes it with new and pleasing air. You can carry this small and amazing device anywhere anytime. These different and additional features make it familiar and every family member will like it, particularly children.

CoolAir-Introduction-(Coolair Review)

CoolAir is a small, compressed, and not-so-heavy air cooler which you can keep at any place or space, of your house. This Light-weighted cooler will cool your space within 10 minutes. It is very worthwhile, profitable, and power-saving as compared to other coolers. It is so energy efficient that one can use it 24*7.

It saves your money by low power and energy consumption. CoolAir is the finest substitute for the outdated one.

While using the traditional coolers, one has to be more watchful and you need to keep observing the level of water in the container. However, CoolAir will ease your work as it works automatically and shut down when the level of water emanates underneath a firm level. You can easily refill the tank by just opening the door present at the upper part of the cooler then fill up about 300 ml of water in the container and shut it down.

CoolAir is portable and designed wonderfully. You can take it along with you anywhere as it is so light in weight and compacted and even during your holidays, you can take it with you.

The aforementioned can cool down the temperature of your workplace, garage, drawing room and etc, as it is very effective. So now anyone can deal with the heat anytime anywhere with Coolair Review. It is a power-saving cooler that will not affect one’s electricity bill
because of more electricity and power consumption.

CoolAir does not only give you cooling but also purify the air near your surroundings. It moistens the air without any noise with a 300 ml tank to store water. It works more efficiently and silently as compared to other coolers available in the market and saves your money too, one does not require a separate humidifier.

Words are less to describe its capability, as CoolAir is much more than it is described. It helps in cooling, acts as a humidifier, and also purifies the air, hence work as a purifier. The CoolAir is having an evaporating filter present inside it. With the use of this evaporating filter CoolAir traps aerial and impure pollutant particles present in the air around you.

After trapping the impurities, it exhales the pure air in the environment. A moonlight option and set with eight different colours are also present in it. These moonlights will benefit you in the dark, and the colours present are so calming that it will make one feel relaxed and calm.
It is so compact and easy to move that one can keep the cooler wherever they want, be it the bedroom, restroom, drawing room, or workplace. No high-tech knowledge is required, it is very easy to use this cooler and you can keep it in each and any area of a room and it can be placed wherever you want it to.

What’s trending? Is it CoolAir? Or the inexpensive air conditioner available in the market? In these scorching summer times, people are running to find a perfect air conditioner. How does this small device work? Is it cheap as mentioned? Does it purify the air? The same question arises in our mind while reviewing it. And to find the answers find the CoolAir review below:

CoolAir Review- Compact USB Powered AC In USA?

Features Of CoolAir Cooler

  • 3 alternatives and regulators are available to control the speed of the fan.
  • For an easy supply of power, a USB port is there.
  • The capacity of the water tank is 300ml which can last up to eight hours.
  • Moonlight setting with eight different LED colors.
  • Small compressed and very light in weight.
  • Portable: It can be carried anywhere easily.
  • It is giving you a lifetime warranty
  • Pocket Friendly: it will save your money and electricity bills.
  • Multi-tasking: It acts as a humidifier, purifier and delivers an enhanced atmosphere.

Specifications Of CoolAir:

  • Measurements : 174 × 170 × 170mm.
  • Velocity: 20 different velocity settings.
  • Water Tank Capacity: 750 ml.
  • Electricity & power: The USB port is given for better supply.
  • LED moonlight: Eight different LED colors and settings.
  • Fan: 3-speed controlling the fan.
CoolAir Review- Compact USB Powered AC In USA?

CoolAir explanation as described by the producer(Coolair review)

The measurement of CoolAir is 17x 17x 17cm. CoolAir is compressed, small in dimensions and light in weight individually. It is so small and compact in size that one can take it with yourself wherever you want. This modified cooler will cool your room within 10 minutes and one can keep it wherever they need. One will feel very calm and relaxed with CoolAir.

It is the finest device for cooling your home.

Design Of CoolAir

Most of the evaporative coolers are equitably large in size and appear very likely as moveable air conditioners. Whereas Coolair Review is a small and unique shape cooler, gauging only 17x 17x 17cm, it is perfect to be positioned on a desk or wherever you want. We estimated an item in white color, nonetheless, black and blue colors are also available.

A 750ml water tank is present with it as it is an evaporating cooler. It’s quite difficult to eliminate the water inside such coolers, however, after filling it, again and again, we got the idea of placing the container in and out of the cooler without causing any problems to it.

In CoolAir, the water in the container is engrossed in the container, spreading regularly on the exterior of the chilling technology. By way of the fan fitted in the backside of CoolAir exhales scorching air on the water, it disperses, and cools down the air and adds moistness to it. 3 to 5 hours of cooling is delivered by the help of the water container and the container can engross around 400 ml of water; restocking when the container is full increases the time of cooling from 1 to 3 hours, providing up to eight hours of chilling experience.

Regulating the Coolair Review is very easy, all credits go to the controls present on the top board.

You need to use your thumb and press the button present at the center, hold it for seconds to turn the CoolAir on or off. To control the speed and velocity, use the controls of speed and temperature given, as the 3-speed settings provide you with plenty of options. Coolair Review is having ample of features for a room to experience, from a calm wind to an eruption of renewed air you can adjust as you want.

By just tapping the button for once you will be able to use the main menu. The main menu will allow you to regulate and change the color of the moonlight in the water container and select it according to your furbishing. One can also control the power of the light and can also turn off the light.

The Night Mode settings allow the tank light to fade off and the foremost screen dims so that it does not disturb. You will easily get notified when to refill the container with the help of lights, as there is a choice given to choose a specific color that will notify when the container will get dry.

CoolAir Review- Compact USB Powered AC In USA?

Performance Of CoolAir

Once the water from the reservoir is fully absorbed by the container, CoolAir can be operated at maximum proficiency. Well, the effect of Coolair Review and cooling is dependent on many aspects, counting the atmosphere and surroundings temperature and comparative moistness. Such coolers work efficiently in hot and dry surroundings.

The innovative CoolAir is having a user manual that displays the predictable performance of the cooler, with 30% relative humidity at 25 degree Celsius, one can assume air production to be 15.4 degrees C; at the similar temperature with 60% relative humidity, 19. 7 degree C is the exhaust temperature.

Trying in an area with a normal temperature of 22.8 ° C and relative humidity 53.2% with an outdoor meter, firstly our team member left the CoolAir for 20 minutes to provide the container sufficient time to engross adequate water. When the container was drenched, he wrote down the production of CoolAir at 16.3 °C.

Coolair Review stated that in the start it was 22.3 °C and the vent was airconditioned to 16 ° be more precise, the sensors are clearly observable. One can monitor the action in the cooler with the thermal imagery camera below: the cold air is distinguished with the blue part in the image.

Our team estimated the maximum airspeed at 15cm to 2.1m/sec, reducing to 0.8m/sec at 1m. On lowest speediness, the anemometer was not that subtle enough to perceive the flow of air. As compared to an outdated fan, the CoolAir does not need to exhale much air, nonetheless, it does not need to do so. Our team member found himself enclosed by a flow of cold air that revitalized him more abundantly than a fan.

You will not feel the maximum cooling if you will sit far away from the cooler. Coolair Review can make your desk very relaxed than ever. Likewise, it is very beneficial while sleeping, as it will keep one’s body cool and calm on a scorching evening. It does not create noises. Our team took the measurement of 53.9dB at 1m with extreme power. At lowest power, the levels of the noise were 33.4dB, that is a normal ambient noise we hear regularly.

The consumption of power is excellent. As per the metering plug-in, the CoolAir was intaking 2W at the lowest speed and only 6.2W at high speed. This is a very low power that any air conditioner would use. The consumption of power is so low that the CoolAir is power-driven by a typical micro-USB cable, thus it can be operated and linked to your computer easily.

CoolAir Review- Compact USB Powered AC In USA?

The Function Of The CoolAir?(Coolair Review)

We have already mentioned many functions above, CoolAir is having a three-speed fan regulator, so one can modify and control the speed as per the external temperature. The CoolAir’s fan works with the help of the induction motor. Moreover, for the convenience and ease of the operator a USB port for its regulation is given, one can use that cable to control it.

The revolutionary device, CoolAir does not only give you cool air but also a fresh and purified ambiance. To provide you with fresh and cleaner air, CoolAir is having a filter button and system that will trap the impurities present in your surroundings. The container of the water of the cooler will similarly astonish you by its size and limit. This tiny yet efficient cooler can work for eight and a half hours deprived of restocking the water reservoir. It can work for longer if you will use chilled water. And humidifying is another feature apart from cooling.

You can add adequate water as there is a tiny opening at the upper part of the CoolAir to add it. Normally, the volume of the water reservoir is 300ml. And as per the weather plus your need, you can add ice also. You can close the opening once you have added the water.

What CoolAir can do?-(Coolair review)

The revolutionary device CoolAir delivers several ways to deliver immediate relief in the hot summer times.

  • It has a 3-speed regulator fan. It is having every kind of setting that will make you feel relaxed every time everywhere, whether you are watching television or working on a presentation.
  • It is powered by a USB.
  • The CoolAir is a multi-tasking device. It freshens, cleanses, and moistens the air in your surroundings, making your private space renewed and fresh.
  • The integral water tank persists for up to eight hours.
  • CoolAir device is smooth, compressed, light-weighted, and moveable. It is having the quality to fit in every space and every place, be it your workstation, house, or wherever you are roving.
  • It is having a moonlight setting with 8 different color choices that benefit to establish the ambiance that makes your day and night relaxed.
CoolAir Review- Compact USB Powered AC In USA?

You just need to add some water!

Though it looks like a tiny form of air conditioning device, CoolAir does not need intricate fitting steps at all. The CoolAir cooler is accessible and you need to follow a few simple steps to use it.

  1. Just add some chilled or normal water in the container. Then the reservoir will allow the CoolAir to humidify and purify the air and will cool you and your room.
  2. Just plug the USB cable of CoolAir into a power socket. And all your surroundings will become calm, fresh, and cool in a fraction of seconds.

Though it looks like a tiny form of air conditioning device, CoolAir does not need intricate fitting steps at all. The CoolAir cooler is accessible and you need to follow a few simple steps to use it.

The CoolAir wrenches warm air and with the help of the evaporative water filter, it exhales out chiller, fresh air. Well, you cannot underestimate it by its size. It is small yet effective, the CoolAir will remain to push out calm, and cool air for straight 8 hours.

The Benefits of CoolAir?-(Coolair review)

The CoolAir is having ample of benefits some of them are as follows–

  • You can regulate the speediness of the fan of the cooler manually, by the help of its three-speed setting, one can change the temperature according to their preference.
  • It runs through a USB port. And it consumes very small amounts of electricity.
  • You will get cleaner, cooler and fresh air for your loved ones, as mentioned it acts as both cleaner and humidifier. The reservoir of the cooler can last for 8 and a half hours. You do not need to refill the tank frequently.
  • Coolair is small and very light in weight, and it can be kept in any corner of the house or your place. It is portable and hence you can take it with you wherever you want.
  • There are 8 choices available in the moonlight option and setting. From dim to bright, you can set it as per your preferences.
  • The air cooler, CoolAir benefits in purifying the air henceforth, it will avert your friends, and people living with you from receiving any aversion or diseases. It sieves the contaminated air from the surroundings too.
  • CoolAir’s filter helps in deceiving the aerial impurities. CoolAir will grasp the impurities and exhale the pure and fresh air from the cooler. Henceforth it is the best air conditioner for people suffering from respiratory diseases and problems like asthma.
  • CoolAir can cool down your room in 10 minutes only.
  • CoolAir is a pocket-friendly and power-saving device.
CoolAir Review- Compact USB Powered AC In USA?

CoolAir is Suitable For?-(Coolair review)

Air pollution is the burning topic and issues these days, and with the increase in pollution, many diseases are increasing too. Many breathing issues and respiratory diseases have been reported from every 1 of 4 people in the country. The airborne diseases and impurities in the air are very harmful and even life taking for many people these days. Hence for people with such issues, Coolair Review is a suitable choice as it does not only cool your surroundings but also exhale out fresh and pure air.

As stated before, the filter inside the CoolAir traps the impurities and gives out the air in the purest form.

And for a pleasant fragrance, you can use this cooler. It helps you by imbibing the renewed air and pushing out the cool and aromatic air. CoolAir is power-saving and even effective hence profitable.

As it is very much pocket friendly and also saves power and electricity, so it will not affect your savings much.

The CoolAir has three different fan speed regulators that are perfect for every age group. Mainly for the children, one does not need to worry about the temperature at night if it is too low, as you can change the speed as per your preferences. Furthermore, there arises the moonlight option which gives you the guarantee that your child will not knock on the doors once they will sleep.

So, you do not need to hunt for the ideal air conditioner anymore. This Coolair Review is for you if you are hunting for a pocket-friendly and effective air conditioner that will work efficiently. Your room or your workplace or dining area, all will convert into a calm and relaxed area in 10 minutes only.

CoolAir Review- Compact USB Powered AC In USA?

Let’s Coolair Review the benefits again:

  • CoolAir is very comprehensible and only needs a few simple processes to start it and set it at your place.
  • Experience instant cooling: You can have a relaxed environment in a fraction of seconds just after a single click.
  • It has a noiseless, 3-speed fan regulation and soothing moonlight, which will help you reduce stress anywhere. Say no to noise pollution by this.
  • CoolAir is small and movable. One can carry it wherever they want it in the house, that makes it very suitable.
  • CoolAir’s water reservoir persists for up to 8 hours.


  • Well, the fast cooling service of CoolAir bids for countless benefits that make this cooler a perfect selection associated with conservative cooling.
  • The 8-different LED light, turn on any colour as per your choice.
  • CoolAir changes the impure air into the calm and fresh air so that you can enjoy cool air in summers.
  • It revives the air in your surroundings, making it calmer to inhale even during summers.
  • Carry it while travelling, in your vehicles, or office and anywhere.
  • You can connect it easily through the USB cable.


  • You can find it online only, that is why internet connection is required.
CoolAir Review- Compact USB Powered AC In USA?

Ways To Use CoolAir

You need to follow few simple steps as mentioned below:

  • Unpack the CoolAir sensibly and take the CoolAir out of the box.
  • Keep the CoolAir in your living room and wherever you want to keep it.
  • Add some water inside the container by using the opening at the top. Add 300ml of water or you can add ice according to your choice.
  • And then plug it into the socket.
  • A USB plug is also there for the power supply.
  • And now, you can experience cool and fresh air within a fraction of seconds.
  • Select any color light from the moonlight setting and calm yourself.
  • Keep filling the reservoir in after eight hours.

Maintenance Of CoolAir?

Conservation of the CoolAir is really simple and easy, there are no such difficult requirements for the maintenance of the device.

Just remember a few points–

  • Do not forget to fill the reservoir in every eight hours. Do not turn the cooler on, if the reservoir is empty.
  • The filter inside the cooler needs cleaning intermittently. It gets dirty frequently because of the dust and impurities. That is why you need to clean it for its long-serving.

Durability Of CoolAir

For a perfect and appropriate review, we should have the touch and feel factor, so we used this product. However, a normal and traditional cooler, the reservoir needs to be filled in every 1 or 2 hours. That is a time taking chore. After trying CoolAir we got to know that it uses half of the stored water in the reservoir in 4 hours, and that is enough to cool down the temperature of your room.

By this, we get the point that it can last for more than 4 hours, so the capacity is quite more than traditional ones. Isn’t it amazing? You need to refill the water tank as usual after 8 and a half hours. Thus, CoolAir is the device that uses less water, less electricity and provides effective results.

CoolAir Review- Compact USB Powered AC In USA?

Right Ways To Use CoolAir:

  • Select the space to place the CoolAir carefully, for the fast cooling experience. Keep it on the right side or corner of your room for better results.
  • Add some ice or cold water for fast cooling and an extra cool experience.
  • Choose from 8 different LED color lights as per your preferences.
  • Must switch off the other air conditioner, or fans in your room for a better cooling experience.
  • Order now to get 50% off and free shipping

Who Can Use Cool Air?-(Coolair Review)

Advantages that CoolAir conveys are completely widespread – everybody will find this small air conditioning device very extraordinary! Meanwhile, it needs no unusual information to function, it can adjust anywhere be it your study table, dining room, or wherever you need to. Make it your travel partner as it is portable and will help you to beat the heat anywhere. CoolAir is the number one choice for you when you need some fresh air in your congested room, office or a peaceful sleep with calmness in the room.

Where Can You Get CoolAir?-(Coolair Review)

You just need to click on the given link to get the small air conditioner “CoolAir” at your doorstep. There are amazing offers going on, one is the discount of flat 50% off and another is free shipping. These offers are valid for a limited period only. Shipping is free globally. The product will be delivered at your place securely and in the given duration.

CoolAir Special Offers

  • One CoolAir: $89
  • Two CoolAir: $70 each
  • Three CoolAir: $59 each
  • Four CoolAir: $55 each
  • Five CoolAir: $53 each
  • Ten CoolAir: $46 each
CoolAir Review- Compact USB Powered AC In USA?


Well, we all know that the typical cooling appliances lower the temperature of the whole space nonetheless they are very costly and use electricity. That upsurges your electricity bill. CoolAir is a small and innovative device that will cool your room in 10 minutes only, without consuming much energy or affecting your pocket much.

What Is The Procedure To Order CoolAir?

To order CoolAir you can click on the link directly from the official site or the link given on this website.

Many offers and concessions are dependent on the product’s availability.

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CoolAir Review- Compact USB Powered AC In USA?

Commonly Asked Questions

Do CoolAir work as said?

Yes, as we all know, an air cooler requires water for cooling. And for a portable water cooler, water is the necessity of the device. You need to add ice or cold water for better performance. It humidifies and purifies the air as well as the surroundings.

Is CoolAir worthwhile?

It is not only an air cooler, but it also benefits the people who are suffering from respiratory diseases. It cools down, purifies, humidifies and also many settings and features are there that are not present in many air coolers.

Can a room get cooled by Arctic Air?

On its site, Arctic Air claims that it inhales the warm air and exhales the cool air, the water filter to moisten the air while it cools. It is also said that the device can cool down the living room, kitchen, office or study area and many more.

What is CoolAir?

CoolAir is a small, compressed, and not-so-heavy air cooler which you can keep at any place or space, of your house. This Light-weighted cooler will cool your space within 10 minutes. It is very worthwhile, profitable, and power-saving as compared to other coolers. It is so energy efficient that one can use it 24*7. It is the best replacement for your traditional fans and coolers.

Who Benefits from CoolAir?

Anybody Can Experience The Benefits Of CoolAir, As Cooling Is For Everyone. Even With The Regulators With 3 Options To Control The Speed, It Is Suitable For Everyone. It Can Fit Within Your Workplace, Living Area And Many More. Even The Person With Respiratory Diseases Can Get Purer And Fresh Air To Breathe.

How long can CoolAir last?

After trying CoolAir we got to know that it uses half of the stored water in the reservoir in 4 hours, and that is enough to cool down the temperature of your room. By this, we get the point that it can last for more than 4 hours, so the capacity is quite more than traditional ones. Isn’t it amazing? You need to refill the water tank as usual after 8 and a half hours. Thus, CoolAir is the device that uses less water, less electricity and provides effective results. And for long-lasting use, clean it regularly.

What Makes CoolAir Special?

The combination of portability and functionality is what makes the CoolAir special. Whereas usual and old air conditioners are moderately costly, that too takes the additional installation charges and hectic processes. And also occupy a separate and large space for its placement. The traditional air conditioners came with high costs and also huge electricity bills. CoolAir is small in size and consumes less electricity than fans. Its portable nature makes it easy to carry and it could be taken wherever you need to. So, it is both a money and time-saving device.

How Does CoolAir Work?

CoolAir needs water and electricity to run. It will be actively working for straight 8 hours. Altogether CoolAir requires water and a bit of electricity to keep you cool for up to 8 hours! You just need to place it, fill it with water, plug it and enjoy the pure, fresh and cool air. It provides you with the same cooling as the traditional ac without affecting your pocket much.

What is the CoolAir Cost?

Well, CoolAir costs Rs. 1200 but there are amazing offers going on, you can get this device at a discount of 50% OFF, and with the facility of free shipping worldwide with no additional charges.

Is CoolAir worth buying?

Absolutely it is. Yet it is natural to think before buying. But the product with so many features and benefits that do not affect your pocket much is worth buying. CoolAir is a multitasking device that will give you a next-level experience.

CoolAir Review- Compact USB Powered AC In USA?

For Any Queries Or Technical Support Contact Us:

Feel free to connect and contact for any queries related to the product and purchase. You can email us at You can connect to the customer service team also, call us at the given number below:

  • For worldwide: +44 20 3808 0000
  • Brazil: +55 15 98147 5555

Ways To Contact CoolAir Customer Service?

You can dial the given numbers to contact the customer service team of Hyperstech CoolAir.

  • International: +44 20 3808 9234
  • Brazil: +55 15 981471395

You can also send an email to for further queries.

CoolAir Review- Compact USB Powered AC In USA?

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